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HC: Okay, so with recent events, this popped into my head and it won't leave and oh god don't hate me: Tony has nude photos leaked. Instead of being furious, he's just like "Guys srsly there have been nude photos of me around since I was in my 20s and I have multiple sex tapes on the web do you think this phases me at all" and, sure, he's irritated that private photos that he sent to his husband got leaked, but overall not bothered. Steve's just like "Yep that fine ass belongs to me" ;)))



Not surprisingly, nobody seems that surprised that Tony Stark’s nudes leaked. What does surprise Steve and Tony, however, is that the vast majority of the people who’ve seen them either ask for them to be taken down to respect his privacy, or comment on how he just seems to keep getting better with age. 

Steve takes to Twitter and tweets “You ain’t got none unless you got buns hun” with one of the leaked photos of Tony’s bare ass. After people realise it’s not phasing them, it takes the shine out of it a little bit. 

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My mom’s Facebook posts about me are flawless


My mom’s Facebook posts about me are flawless

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AN: This prompt is precious! Ten for you, Anon: you go, Anon! 

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AN: Tony obviously takes things a little far in this. Please, guys, don’t try to make yourselves ill to get out of doing stuff.  

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Some things just run in the Stark blood. Like genius. And appreciating what it can do for a body.
Although Tony should probably appreciate it outside of Steve’s shower.


Some things just run in the Stark blood. Like genius. And appreciating what it can do for a body.

Although Tony should probably appreciate it outside of Steve’s shower.

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AN: Please excuse me if there are any typos, because I drank so much last night in celebration that I can barely see right now.

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This picture is just….

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What about some superfamily, and Peter's first words?



"Come on Peter, you can do it! Say ‘dada’."

"Say ‘papa’ Peter. Pa-pa."

Steve and Tony were sitting on the floor of the communal living room with baby Peter, trying to get him to say his very first words. They’d always had a good natured competition going for whose name Peter would say first, but as their son got closer and closer to his first words, winning became a little more important.

"Come on buddy I know you wanna say ‘dada’!" Tony cooed, tickling Peter’s chubby legs.

"You guys are absolutely ridiculous. The little stinker will say whatever he wants when he’s good and ready." Bucky said, taking a seat in an armchair to the right of the family.

Tony and Steve both turned to shoot a death glare in Bucky’s direction.

"Excuse you, first of all my son is not a ‘little stinker’. Second, We grasp that he’ll talk when he wants to. We just want to help him say the right word." Tony said, dangling a toy in front of Peter’s face. Bucky just laughed and shook his head.

"I’d have figured a super soldier and a genius would be smart enough to know that it takes more than an afternoon of throwing the same word at a baby for them to pick it up."

“Don’t listen to him Petey, we know you’ll get it sooner or later.” Steve said, smiling down at his son. Peter stared up at him with a puzzled look on his face before opening his mouth.

“Puuuuuu!” He screamed at the top of his lungs. Steve’s eyes went wide at the sound.

“What was that? Did he just say ‘pa’? I think he said my name!” Steve reached to pick baby Peter up, so he could hear a little better. “Go on honey, say it again.”

Peter looked at Steve, considering him. A light seemed to go off in his mind as he giggled, and reached out for Steve’s nose.

“Paaaaa-unk, PUNK!” Peter finally offered in triumph. Tony barked out a laugh as the word registered. “Did he really just…he just called you punk!”

Steve slowly turned toward a very guilty looking Bucky. The second he realized where his son had picked up the name, he handed Peter over to Tony.


“Yeah?” He asked warily.

“Have you been calling me a punk in front of my own kid?” Steve whispered as calmly as possible.

“Well I mean…maybe?” Bucky answered, slowly backing out of the room.

As he realized just what was in store for him, he broke off running for safety. All he could hear behind him was Tony’s laughter and the sound of Steve yelling “I’m gunna kill you, jerk!”

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Chris Pratt being the greatest father in the history of great fathers…

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